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    Beard Blog

    How I Tame My Coarse Beard: My Beard Journey

    How I tamed my coarse beard blog post

    As you may have seen all over Instagram, Kev’s beard has been plastered throughout. We wanted to understand more about his journey and we learnt that having a beard is not always fun and games!

    Kev’s biggest issue is his coarse beard and has found ways to combat that, by exploring different products and routines... Learn more about his beard growth routine and why he has decided to stick to a 1 year growth plan.

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    7 Things No One Tells You About Growing Facial Hair

    Man with Beard

    Growing facial hair is a special experience. At first it might seem rather simple: you put down the razor and let the beard grow. But there is much more to it than that. If you have just started growing a beard or moustache or you are planning to, here are some things that you’re supposed to know.

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    4 Tips For A Patchy Beard

    Patchy Bearded Man
    So you decided to let your hair grow and to find out that your beard is patchy? Don’t worry, that’s no reason to go beardless! We agree that some men are luckier than others and they can grow full beards in no time, but for others the process can be slightly more challenging.

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    Mo Bros Guide To Grey Beards

    Grey Beards
    So you’re getting grey hairs in your beard? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with that! All hair goes grey at some point in life and your facial hair is no exception. There are few things that you could do to make it look and feel better, so read our guide to grey beards to get some wisdom!

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