What Can I Do To Make My Beard Softer?

Having a beard is fun, you are able to grow one when you want and then shave it off when you don’t. But when it comes to how your beard feels, it can start to become rough and irritating which can be out of your control.

Don’t worry though, you can totally start to control the way your beard feels, we've got you bro. We're here to walk you through a few products that will get you on your way to a softer beard in no time!

We all know that when our beard starts to become coarse it can become an issue, causing itchiness and dandruff, but luckily beard oil acts as a great solution. Its main purpose is to moisturise and soften your beard.  

Beard Softer Oil

Want to hear it for yourself? Here’s some of our Mo Fam who stand by it!

"This was a gift for my husband who is fairly new to the beard life. The scent is lovely and not overpowering. It does seem to prevent itching and is overall more moisturised, really happy with it!" - Samantha 

"Oil feels good and softens my beard as well as keeping the itchiness at bay. All round great product" - Jacob

They said it, don’t just take our word for it. Like Jacob mentioned, the best thing about beard oil is that it allows you to control beard itchiness and we know how frustrating that can be, especially when trying to grow out your mane.

Overall, beard oil is the perfect all rounder product and is known to make your beard softer.

As beard oil has a shiny finish to it, if you’re looking for a matte alternative beard butter will be your go-to. Although it has the same characteristics as oil, the consistency of butter is what differs from it. Butter is thicker and creamier, it is known to hydrate and create a smoother texture.

beard Softer Butter

Like Leon says, it will definitely make a difference to your beard ...

"Although new to the world of beard I am really impressed how nice these products are to use. They look like they will last a while too and actually I have seen a difference in my beard. It was very coarse and spikey, however after using this and others it has softened up really nicely. The butter allows you to get a bit of control over your beard and it’s shape, stopping the odd hair sticking out where you don’t want it. Will be ordering more without doubt great products." - Leon

Honestly, you need to try it out!

Beard Softer Conditioner

Another favourite product to make your beard softer is beard conditioner. Does conditioner make your beard softer? Well, if you want a softer beard, beard wash on its own won’t cut it. Beard wash is still a great product to strip away any dirt, but conditioner will really help enhance that soft feeling.

"I couldn't keep my beard without having this conditioner. I use it every other day and it keeps my beard, soft, healthy and manageable. Without it my beard would be dry and brittle and almost impossible to comb any product through it after showering." - Louise

"Now this is the one that turned my beard round from rough to the smooth. Used it for a week and noticed the change straight away, so did my wife said it wasn’t like kissing a big brush anymore" - Leon

"Great smell and already my beard feels better. Not been using for long but this is already proving to be amongst the best I've tried. My beard feels softer and cleaner after just a couple of uses" - Gordon

Don’t forget to use a beard brush or comb to help distribute your chosen product throughout your beard, it will allow you to achieve that softer, straighter beard you desire.

So there you have it, proof that you can make your beard hair softer. It is possible to achieve that smoother texture with some simple, but effective products.

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