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    Beard Blog

    What else can beard oil do or can't do?

    Beard Oil

    Beard oil can be used for a number of different things. For many it is an essential item in their grooming regime, yet they are unaware of all of its capabilities. So what else can beard oil do or can’t do then? To answer all your burning questions,  we’ve outlined 7 other things that you may not know about beard oil

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    My Beard Journey: How I Style My Moustache

    Brett's Moustache Styling Journey
    Is there such a thing as moustache envy? I know, I know we’re all thinking the same thing right? How on earth has he got such a great moustache? Well, we spoke to the main man himself! Read on to find out more about our ambassador Brett, who tells us how he keeps up with his insane tash.

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    Beard Growth: The Cycle, Stages and Tips

    Bearded Man with Sunglasses
    We’ve spoken a lot on this blog about how to grow a beard, how to care for your beard and which products you need to keep your mane in peak condition, but we’ve never talked about beard growth. Let’s talk about the beard hair growth cycle and what you’ll encounter as your facial hair transforms from stubble to full beard.

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    10 Beard Gifts for the Discerning Beardsman

    10 Beard Gifts for the Discerning Beardsman
    Beard Gifts can always be a challenge to get right. Which products are suitable for the right beard? Read our beard gifts guide on the 10 gifts that Mo Bros have created for every beardsman and every budget.

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