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    3 Bad Beard Habits That Might Be Affecting Your Beard

    Man stroking beard
    A beard is like a precious trophy that every beardsman should cherish. However, did you know you could be unconsciously damaging your beard? You would be surprised to know there are 3 bad beard habits that might be affecting your mane. You probably don’t mean to, but you could be one of your facial hair’s biggest enemies! So here are 3 bad beard habits and some tips that could help.

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    4 Benefits Of Combing Your Beard

    Combing a Beard
    Making your beard look great involves a lot more effort than just putting the razor down and letting it grow. Combing your beard is one of the essential steps, that will help you to maintain your facial hair and make it look better. It is so essential, that it should be included in every bearded man’s daily routine. However, not everyone who grows a beard knows the benefits of combing it. So here are some advantages that you should be aware of.

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    How to Grow and Maintain a Lockdown Beard

    Maintain a Lockdown Beard
    In this post, you’ll find links to essential articles from this here blog, covering everything from science and styles to growing and grooming. It’s a beard resource that you can bookmark and return to at every stage of your beard journey but especially one during lockdown or self-isolation.

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    10 Beard Gifts for the Discerning Beardsman

    Beard Gifts Blog Post
    Beard Gifts can always be a challenge to get right. Which products are suitable for the right beard? Read our beard gifts guide on the 10 kits that Mo Bros have created for every beardsman and every budget.

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    9 Tips for Autumn Beard Care

    Beard Care Products
    While it’s true that a beard can frame a man’s face nicely and make him look even more attractive, it’s important to know that beard also deserves some care and loving in order tolook great this autumn. Ditching the razor and the regular shaving routine will definitely result in beard growth, but it takes a lot more than that to keep it fresh and appealing. Moreover, as autumn is upon us, it’s important to mention that having a beard is not enough of a protection from cold weather, and you’ll need some effective skincare as well.

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