Everybody makes mistakes. Some of those mistakes are beard grooming errors. Don’t worry there’s nothing that you won’t be able to fix, hair grows back fast after all. However, it’s better not to make those mistakes in the first place. If you know how to avoid them, you’ll save a lot of time and effort. So here are 5 of the most common mistakes in grooming.

Not Using Beard Care Products

This is the biggest mistake any bearded man can make. Just like we need to take care of the hair on our heads, we need to do the same for our beards. The main products that will keep your beard healthy and appealing are beard oil, beard wash and a beard comb.

Beard oil is necessary to moisturise your hair and the skin underneath. A Beard comb will trap the products inside your beard and train the hair to grow in the right direction, while beard wash will keep your hair soft and clean.

Hairy Neck

Hairy Neck on Beard

Hairy neck is one of the most common beard grooming mistakes made by men all over the globe. There is nothing worse than having a great haircut and a hairy neck. Most guys don’t trim or shave their beards until they visit their barber, but the hair starts growing out and going wild after few weeks and it looks messy.

In contrast, some men go overboard while shaving their neck and take off too much hair. The best way to determine where your line should be shaved in is find the line where your neck meets your face.

Uneven Top Line

If you tend to shave at home, then you probably know what it means to have the uneven top line. It’s just inevitable that at some point you’ll shave one side lower or more curved, than the other.

To make your life easier, we suggest to keep a natural line, which will be easier to groom. However, if you prefer the lined up look, stop yourself from re-shaping the same side more than 2 times. The last thing you want to do is to keep dropping each line to get the perfect match and ending up with no beard left.

Shaved Moustache

Men with Moustache

There’s nothing that looks more ridiculous than a shaved moustache. We know, a moustache can be rally annoying and it gets in the way Quite often, but shaving it or trimming it too short is not a good idea either. It takes patience to grow a beard, so keep that patience when trimming to avoid this terrible mistake.

If you do take off too much, just put your scissors down and walk away. It’s better to wait a little and calm down. Come back later and trim your moustache a little bit to even it out and make it less dramatic. Remember, it will grow back soon enough.

Too Much Hair Product

When it comes to grooming, your hair on your head is just as important as your beard. A lot of men make the mistake of using too much hair product and end up ruining their look. Remember guys, the key is to find the right balance of style and product. If your hair is really unmanageable and you find you need a lot of products just to hold it in place, trim it a bit to make it manageable again.