Full beards are great! It doesn't matter if it's long or short, voluminous facial hair is something that a lot of guys would envy. However, not everyone’s beards grow the way we would love it to. Genetics can make a big difference, but don't worry we got 7 tips that every beginner should be aware of.

Be Patient

If you want to have a truly great beard, you’ll have to be patient. Not all beards grow the same way and it can take quite a long time. For best results, we recommend to wait for 6 weeks before you start shaping and styling it. This will allow the hairs to grow in evenly and you’ll have plenty of time to pick the best style for your face.

Choose The Right Style 

Just as there are different styles for the hair on your head, there are various styles for the facial hair as well. It is important to choose the best one, because your beard needs to match the shape of your face to have the biggest impact. The right style can benefit you, by allowing you and your beard to look better. Not sure which style you should go for? Press here to read our guide on facial hair styles.

Use Beard Oil

Nothing makes your facial hair look better than good beard oil. It will promote hair growth, and moisturise your beard and the skin beneath. Mo Bro’s beard oil mixes the finest natural ingredients, leaving your beard shiny, moisturised and smooth, not to mention that it will smell amazing.

Wash Your Beard Regularly

Wash your beard with shampoo at least a couple of times a week. We don’t recommend using regular hair shampoo, because it’s not suitable for your face and it might dehydrate your skin. Beard soap or wash will clean your beard as well as cleanse facial hair and sensitive skin underneath. Since your beard will stay clean and moisturised, it will give a little bit more volume to your facial hair.

Trim It

In order to have your facial hair growing at the same level, we recommend you to trim your beard regularly to get rid of overgrown or stray hair. This will make your beard look well-groomed. It’s best to invest in a good quality scissors or a trimmer, or find the right barber.

Keep Your Neckline Natural When Shaving

One of the most common mistakes that guys make when trimming, is shaving their neckline too high. We advise to follow the natural boundary of hair without moving it further away from the original position.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

In order to maintain a healthy looking beard, you need to feed your beard. A balance of fat and protein in your diet is one of the main keys to growing facial hair faster and fuller. The hair itself is built mainly of protein, and healthy beard is coated in oils and fats. Therefore, in order to grow well, your facial hair needs both, protein and fats. 

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