Just as there are different and trendy styles for the hair on your head, there are various styles for the facial hair as well. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to pick the best style, because you need to take your facial shape into account too. So if you are still deciding on what kind of style would fit you best, here are some ideas to make your decision easier. 

The Round Face

If you have a round face, the best beard style for you is a goatee. It will benefit you by narrowing your face at the sides and making it look longer. We also recommend growing a moustache. It will fit perfectly with your goatee and will work well together to give your face a narrow look.

The biggest mistake that round faced men make, is choosing a long full beard style. Why? Because instead of making your face look visually longer, it simply makes it even more round.

The Long Narrow Face

On the other hand, if you have a long or narrow face, it is best to keep the hair on your chin to a minimum length. For example, long faced men often look good with a 5 o’clock style. Stubble is the best option, because it will soften up that long narrow look and make your face look shorter and a little bit more full.

The style that long faced men should avoid is a long full beard. The problem with this beard style is that it will make the face look even longer. 

Short Face, Pointed Chin

Now we know that full beard style is not the best option for either long or short faced people. So what face shape will it fit, you ask. We would say: men that have a short face and a pointed narrow chin. If you have this face shape, you can definitely pull off a long full beard. This style will give your chin a more rounded look and at the same time it will make your face look a little bit longer.

One thing that you should be aware of, is to make sure that the bottom part of your beard beyond the chin is rounded and not pointed.

Long Face, Pointed Chin

The best option for people with this face shape is a nice goatee styling. We would even recommend a Van Dyke type of beard, which would help to keep the face from looking too narrow, by giving the chin a more rounded appearance.

While men who have a short face and a pointed chin benefit from a long full beard, longer faced men would not. Even though this kind of beard style would round out the chin a bit, it would make the face look even longer.

Square Face

Men with square faces have a strong jaw line. However, sometimes that jaw line may be a little too strong. Therefore it is best to opt for styles that make their faces appear less box-like and more slender. In that case the best beard style for this face shape is an all over beard that is clipped close to the face. This will make your face look slightly more round and soften the strong jaw line.

Rectangular/ Oblong Face

Rectangular or oblong faces tend to be quite angular and slender. If you have this face shape, you might want to soften your jaw line while giving the face a less elongated look. A beard can do that beautifully if you choose a style such as a chin curtain or a short box beard. Try to keep your sides fuller and the bottom shorter.

So here you have it! A few pointers on how to choose what style would suit your face. Of course you can always go wild and try something new yourself. Whatever you decide on, we’ll be here to help you out. Feel free to share your new style and @mobrosgrooming on our Instagram.

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