Daily Beard Care Routine Tips

Creating a daily beard care routine is one of those important things that you know you should be doing but after a while tends to fade away. Just like brushing your teeth in the morning, beard care should simply become a natural part of your morning routine, that shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Why should you have a beard care regime?

If you have just started growing a beard, you might be surprised to know that it needs some care and attention. This is to ensure that you reduce that beard itch, the most common reason for men finishing their beard journey. Even if you are a seasoned beardsman, beard care maintenance ensures that your beard will be tidy, soft and well-groomed.

But don’t worry, good beard care maintenance is not difficult or time consuming and, like any other routine, once you’ve done it a number of times, it becomes second nature...just like brushing your teeth. Below are some beard care tips when put together that help you nail that beard care routine.


Now this is going to be something that you’ll do at the beginning and at the end of your routine. This first comb through - or brush through - is optional, however, we find that giving your beard a quick comb through gets rid of as much dirt and dry skin as possible. If you have a short beard then a bristle brush would be ideal, whilst a longer beard would benefit from a wooden comb.


Next up for your beard care routine, is to wash your beard. Just like we wash and take care of our hair, it is as important to do the same with our beards. Imagine never washing your hair, it wouldn’t look or feel good, would it? Washing your beard gets rid of even more dead skin and bits of debris that cause you to itch and makes that beard look dirty.

We strongly recommend using beard wash or beard soap. Unlike regular shampoos, these products are specifically designed to wash and condition beard follicles, leaving your beard soft and clean. Hair shampoo is designed to strip the natural oils, something you want to keep on your beard to retain its hydration. Just like hair on your head, we suggest using beard washing products 2-3 times per week. As this is a daily beard care routine though, on other days just simply wash it with water only.

To wash your beard, apply beard wash generously (three pumps should do it) to a damp beard and work it into the roots of the hair with your fingertips. Work it until a good lather has formed. Rinse the beard thoroughly and dry it with a towel.

Beard Care Tips


Conditioner to beard wash is like vinegar to salt, Robin to Batman, kidney to steak...well you get the point.

Beard conditioner adds hydration and also helps make the beard more manageable. Just like beard wash, use a proper beard conditioner, not the stuff you put on your head.

Again, three pumps of the bottle in the palm of your hand and work it thoroughly into a damp beard. For the best beard care leave it in for a minute or two and then rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a towel. 


Ok, we hear what you’re saying, didn’t the conditioner hydrate my beard? Well, yes to an extent, however, the next step will take your hydration levels to a new stratosphere.

This is considered the most important part of your beard care routine. Beard oil or butter is a must for a healthy beard that looks and feels good! These products will prevent your skin from drying out, by reaching the skin beneath the beard and moisturising it.

For beard oil simply pump 2 or 3 drops into your palm (depending on the size of your beard) and rub into your beard, more importantly massaging it into your skin. For beard butter there’s no right or wrong way as to how much you choose. Start off with a thumbnail size scoop and like the beard oil massage into the skin and beard hair. If you find that you didn’t cover the whole beard then use a bit more until you feel happy.


If your beard needs taming and styling, use beard balm after applying the oil or butter. Butter and Oil does give a little bit of hold but the advantage of the beard balm is that it tends to give you a little more volume and makes the beard look thicker. If you have a thin, patchy or misbehaving beard, you might want to consider using this product, because it will help you to tame it.

Beard Care Maintenance


Last but not least, don't forget to comb or brush your beard again. It will not only keep your facial hair tidy and neat, but it will also help your beard to grow in the right direction and avoid ingrown hairs. It will also help to moisturise your facial hair and the skin underneath even more, because the teeth of the comb or the bristles of the brush will evenly distribute your moisturiser to the areas that need it the most.

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