Beard Cream

Beard Cream: What it is, what it isn’t and why we call it something else

Growing a beard is as simple as binning your razors and giving up shaving for a few months. Growing a beard that’s itch-free, thick and healthy, on the other hand, is not quite as simple. Achieving this relies on you keeping your beard well hydrated and under control. A task helped by the fanciest beard product of all: beard cream.

What is beard cream?

Beard cream is a product designed to soften, nourish and condition your beard, giving the hair and hair follicles the hydration they need to stay healthy. In that sense, it’s a lot like that long time staple of beard grooming, beard oil. And cream can be used as an alternative to oil.

Where the two differ though is in consistency and finish.

Beard cream has a thick, creamy consistency whereas beard oil is like, well, oil. A smaller amount of beard oil covers more of your beard, making it a better product for daily hydration. But the thickness of cream and multiple butters and oils it contains make it a more luxurious product. Massaging beard cream into your mane feels like a real treat.

The finish of beard cream is arguably its biggest benefit. Where beard oil leaves a shiny finish, cream leaves a matte finish, which leaves your beard looking natural whilst smelling and feeling great.

What beard cream is good for?

Beard cream melds natural jojoba and argan oils (that you also find in beard oil) with shea butter and cocoa.

The oils do the job of replacing and locking in moisture that has been sucked away by cold weather, air conditioning, artificial heating or simply your genetic predisposition (some men produce more sebum oil than others).

Shea butter and cocoa, meanwhile, provide the soft, matte finish and thickness to help tame, control and add volume to hair.

Those things combined mean that you can use cream for every aspect of beard care.

Use beard cream for dry skin. Use beard cream for itching. Use beard cream to prevent dandruff. Use beard cream to style your facial hair. Use beard cream to instantly command respect from everyone who lays eyes on your splendid matte finish mane.

It can do it all. Well, all except one thing. It can’t make your beard grow.

Don’t be fooled by any kind of ‘beard growth cream’ that claims to be able to help you grow a beard like a Chia Pet grows hair.

Growing a beard depends on how your body reacts to testosterone. The more sensitive your body is to testosterone, the faster and thicker your beard will grow.

No type of beard cream, or any other beard product for that matter, can help with hormones. What cream can do though is promote healthy growth by keeping your beard conditioned to prevent brittleness and hair loss.

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When beard cream isn’t beard cream

Beard cream is a great product. One you should certainly make room for in your beard grooming kit. Yet you won’t find it anywhere on the Mo Bro’s website.

That’s right. We don’t sell beard cream. What we sell is beard butter.

Beard Cream is Butter

Beard butter is everything we’ve talked about in this post. Same ingredients, same benefits, same creamy texture. But it’s butter, not cream.

It’s butter because it’s soft and spreadable. Easy to work, but not sloppy. You’d struggle to spread cream on toast, but butter goes on like a dream. Not that you should spread beard butter on your toast, of course. As tasty as it looks, it’s not edible.

Think of us selling beard butter and not cream like this: when you’re making a cake, cream is optional, but butter is essential.

Take a look at our range of butter butters on the other side of this link: