33 Tips for Better Beard Grooming

Here at Mo Bros we are always being asked for tips on how to get a beard grooming routine in place. Creating a beard grooming routine is something that is difficult to get into but essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy looking beard.

Now every beard is different so your daily grooming regime will be different from another beardsman’s daily routine. So instead of giving you a one size fits all grooming maintenance plan, below we give you 33 beard grooming tips to help you create your own beard grooming routine.

  1. The first tip comes from one of our customers John McLane and it revolves around perseverance. PERSEVERANCE is key! (You WILL waver) Keep pushing through those moments when you want to quit. I find saving photos of your 'ideal beard' are a great help. When you start to waver, look at a photo and tell yourself that is what you want...a beard just like that. You could even take selfies, say once a month, so you can see ongoing progress. Just don't quit! Be strong! Good luck! Check out some more tips from our Mo Bro's over on the How To Grow A Beard blog post.
  1. Beard oil is the most important grooming product of all. It keeps the skin moisturised and the beard healthy. Apply it daily to your chin, cheeks and beard hair.
  1. Your face won’t be suited to every beard style so don't be afraid to experiment. If a full beard isn’t the right look, keep your beard trimmed and close to the face. If you struggle to grow hair on your cheeks, think about going with a moustache or goatee.
  1. Never use regular shampoo on your beard hair. It’s designed to strip sebum oil from the skin — oil that your beard thrives on. Stick to a good beard wash.
  1. Unless you make a regular habit of getting food all over your face, don’t wash your beard every day, otherwise, you’ll be taking away the natural oils. As a rough guide:
  • For oily skin, wash every 1-2 days
  • For normal skin, wash every 3-4 days
  • For dry skin, wash weekly
  1. Unless you’re experienced with clippers, use scissors to trim your beard. Scissors give you more control.
  1. Find a trusted barber and visit monthly for a trim to maintain the shape of your beard.
  1. Beards haven’t gone out of fashion. They never will. They’re bigger than fashion.
  1. Don’t trim your moustache until you’ve tamed it. When it’s long enough to style, brush the hair out from the centre on either side every day to train it. Then, use moustache wax to keep it styled.
  1. If you really want to curl the ends of your moustache, put some moustache wax on your finger tips and twizzle the ends of the hair. Then, curl the hair around a pen to get that full Hercule Poirot look.
  1. Use a combination of beard oil and daily brushing to rid your beard of dandruff.
  1. Invest in a good beard brush or moustache comb. Here’s our guide on which you should use.

    Better Beard Grooming Brush
  1. Having a beard doesn’t mean you’re a hipster. Beard on, brother.
  1. A combination of washing, conditioning, moisturising, brushing and trimming will help you deal with an itchy beard. All 5 should be included in your beard grooming routine. Check out our guide.
  1. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Beard hair grows back.
  1. Never trim your beard when it’s wet. It might not look right when it drys.
  1. Blow drying isn’t as bad for your beard as people might have you believe. Using a hairdryer at a distance of 15cm with continuous motion has actually been found to cause less damage than letting the hair dry naturally.
  1. Straws and napkins are your best friends. Keep both close to hand when eating and drinking in public.
  1. Having a beard in summer won’t make you hotter. Don’t feel the need to shave it.
  1. There is no magic product to make your beard grow faster, but exercising, eating right, not smoking and looking after your skin. Here are some more tips growing a thicker beard faster.  
  1. A high protein diet promotes healthy beard grow. Stock up on eggs, beans, yoghurt, seafood and white-meat poultry.
  1. The longer the beard, the harder it is to maintain. But don’t let that put you off.
    Beard Grooming Tips James
  1. Beard oil and beard balm don’t do the same job. Oil works more for moisturising the skin underneath the beard, balm conditions and tames the beard to make it look thicker. Here’s a blog post we wrote on the differences.
  1. Talk about your beard and get advice for anything related to beard care by talking to other beardsmen in our Facebook community.
  1. Brush or comb your beard every day to train it to grow in a downward direction.
  1. A good night’s sleep is great for beard growth. Getting in 7-9 hours reduces stress and increases the growth hormone in the blood, speeding up cell reproduction for better, faster-growing facial hair.
  1. Your beard won’t grow back more quickly if you shave it off. It's a myth. Put down that razor.
  1. If you suffer from patchiness, try growing your beard so that the patches get lost amongst the longer hair.
  1. Your beard neckline should resemble a “U”. Above the Adam’s apple is a good baseline for your beard. Trim all hair below that point and create a “U” shape from the back of the ears, behind the jawline.
  1. Put on your natural “resting” face when trimming your moustache so that it’s even with all expressions. And only use scissors — they offer a more natural finish.
  1. Stick to beard products that use natural ingredients. Chemicals like silicone, which is used to make hair look shiny, don’t offer the nourishment your beard needs.
  1. If grooming isn’t really your thing, keep your beard short.  
  1. Stock up on the grooming essentials: moustache wax, beard oil, beard balm, scissors, comb/brush and soap.

Now you've read up on all these tips, the next step is to find what works for you and then create a beard grooming routine that works for you.

Got any tips that we've missed and you think our Mo Bro's community would be interested in? Then why not pop over to Facebook community and let everyone know about it. Want some more beard grooming tips? Check out the 5 blog posts below: