Beard Oil Or Beard Balm? What's The Difference?

Beard oil or beard balm? Which one should I use? What is the difference?. These are probably the most common questions we get asked here at Mo Bros. These products may seem similar, but they do have different purposes. Some of our bearded fellas like to use both, while some would go for only one of them. A little bit confusing, isn’t it? If you are a newbie at using beard products, it probably is. But don’t worry, we are here to help and enlighten you!

Beard Oil

The biggest benefit of this product is that it can reach the skin beneath the beard and moisturise it. Being made up of two components - carrier oils and essential oils - these work together to replace nourishment to your hair. Hair growth causes your beard to become dry and brittle and your hair draws moisture from the skin, also making that dry and flaky.

The carrier oils within the product complements the natural sebum oils produced by your skin and the essential oils provides vitamins and minerals that nourish your beard. The outcome is less itchiness, dandruff and damaged hair.

Another benefit is that beard oil doesn't weigh down the beard or clog up your pores. A beard oil will give you a shiny beard, even more so than beard balm, so take this into account.

Another question that is asked about beard oil is whether it will grow your beard. The simple answer is 'No'. The more complicated answer is that if used as part of a beard care routine, along with wash and conditioner, and if you have a healthy lifestyle then it will form part of the conditions required to help grow a thicker and fuller beard.

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You should look to use beard oil a minimum once a day but it is entirely when you feel like it. After giving your beard a quick wash and comb through in the morning add a few drops (or as many as you see fit) into your hand and rub through the beard and massage into your skin. It's really as easy as that.


Beard Oil or Beard Balm

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Beard Balm

Beard balm is a lot like beard oil in that it moisturises, conditions and softens your beard to make it more manageable.

The main difference between using beard oil or beard balm is that Mo Bros beard balms have a primary base of Shea butter and bees wax. This makes it a creamy substance that melts when you rub it into your hands. The advantage of the beard balm over the oil is that it tends to give you a little more volume and makes the beard look thicker. If you have a thin, patchy or misbehaving beard, you might want to consider using this product, as it will help you to tame it. Since our beard balms contain essential almond oil, this product will not only provide volume for your beard, but will also condition it. 

Beard balm will not give as much shine as beard oil. To use beard balm, put a pea-size amount of balm and rub it in your palm so that your body heat melts it. Work it into your beard and start to shape your beard with your hands. We would advise using a comb or a brush for both balm and oil in order to spread the product through your beard and to remove any residual bits.

Beard Oil Or Beard Balm

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Which one should you use? Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

If you have just started growing a beard or you have a short beard then go for the beard oil. It will stop the itchiness, help promote the hair growth and moisturise your face. This product is also recommended if  you want your beard to keep it’s natural shape, but look healthy and smell nice.

Go for a beard balm if you want to condition and tame a larger beard at the same time.

When it comes to the really answering the question of beard oil or beard balm we recommend using both to make your beard look stunning and healthy. The oil will create the best possible environment for your facial hair and skin, by moisturising and softening it, and the balm will help you to style your beard and make it look thicker. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with either of these products, as long as you use at least one of them, because your beard needs some special care to look and feel great!

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