Beard Comb or Brush? What Should I Use?

Beard comb or brush? This is the question. Now that you have a beard, it is important to take care of it properly. Brushing and combing your facial hair is just as important as using beard conditioning products. But which one of the two do you need? We are here to answer this question and make the decision easier for you.

Why Beard Brush?

One of the common questions folks ask is 'are beard brushes worth it?'. We definitely believe so. The biggest advantage of a bristle brush is that it will condition your beard. Natural boar hair will reach hairs at every level of your beard giving you a very effective and even brush per stroke. This will distribute beard oil and balm evenly, and trap the products in your beard better than a comb.

A Bristle brush is also great for cleaning purposes. During the day your beard can get quite dirty because of the food and dust getting trapped in your facial hair. Bristle brushes are ideal for removing that dirt and keeping your beard clean.

Last but not least, brushing your beard daily will ‘train’ your beard follicles to grow in a desired direction. You know when you wake up in the morning and all the little hairs are staring at the sides? Not the best look, is it? Brushing your beard will help you to solve this problem and train your hair to grow in the direction that you want.

Beard Man comb and brush

Why To Comb

When your beard grows a bit longer, you can start using a comb. Ideally you would start using a beard comb only after 3-5 months. Until then, it’s best to use bristle brush, because the hairs are still quite short.

A beard comb is perfect for detangling your facial hair. Choose a beard comb according to the length and thickness of your hair, and how curly it is. The longer and thicker the beard, the wider the spacing between the teeth of the comb needs to be.

One of the biggest benefits of combing your beard is that it will style it. This doesn’t apply to short beards, but when it grows out longer, comb is perfect for styling it. After applying beard balm, you can shape and straighten it in whatever way you want.

A beard comb also comes in handy when you want to groom your beard with scissors. Using a beard comb gives you excellent control, allowing you to trim or cut your beard accurately, especially if your beard is curly.

Which One To Use

Now you know the benefits of using both, a beard comb and a bristle brush, lets analyse which one would be better for you to use. Depending on the length of your beard, you can choose one over the other or both, according to your needs.

When your beard is only 1-3 months old, use a bristle brush once a day, while applying the beard oil or balm.

When you reach 3-5 months and onwards, start using a beard comb. It will become quite necessary for detangling and styling your facial hair.

For the best results, it’s best to use both. The bristle brush will keep your beard clean and moisturised, while the beard comb will style and untangle it. See products below!

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