Benefits of using a Beard Comb and Brush

Benefits of using a beard comb and brush.

You're on a journey to look the part, and have an awesome, maintained beard. You've nailed Washing, Conditioning, Hydrating and Styling your beard, and you're finally on the last step of the beard care routine, which is to comb and brush your beard to your ideal finish. 

So what is the role of a Beard Comb?

One of the biggest benefits of combing your beard is that it will style it. This doesn’t apply to short stubble or new facial hair, but when it grows out longer, a comb is perfect for styling it. Essentially after applying beard balm, you can shape and straighten it in whatever way you want.

Choose a Beard Comb according to the length and thickness of your hair, and how curly it is. The longer and thicker the beard, the wider the spacing between the teeth of the comb needs to be. Mo Bro's Beard Comb is perfect for medium to long beards and Our Mo Comb is ideal for taming those moustaches. So choose what's right for you!

A Beard Comb also comes in handy when you want to remove stray hairs from your beard with scissors. Using a Beard Comb gives you excellent precision and control, allowing you to trim or cut your beard, especially if your beard is curly.

Man using beard comb and brush

So what is a Beard Brush? 

The biggest advantage of a Bristle Brush is that it will condition your beard. Natural boar hair will reach hairs at every level of your beard giving you a very effective and even brush per stroke. This will distribute Beard Oil and Balm evenly, and trap the products in your beard.

Alongside the conditioning aspect of a brush, it is also used to train your hairs to start growing in the given direction, and to give the effect of a fuller and more styled beard. 

And finally, regular use of Beard Brush means it can eliminate dandruff, remove dead skin cells, discarded hairs, and built up oils that would otherwise sit on your face which could lead to itchiness, redness and irritation.

Now that you have been educated on the use of a Beard Comb and Beard Brush, be sure to check out the product that you need - and as a special thank you for following this blog, we're getting you started with 10% off all our combs and brushes.

Should I use a Beard Comb and Brush?

We've discussed the benefits of using a beard comb and a beard brush individually, and a question we normally get is can they be used together. They certainly can, in fact, we recommend using them both together within your beard care routine.

Obviously with a stubble or scruff a beard brush is needed, however, as the beard gets longer then you will need the comb to generally get rid of the dirt and bits of dry skin that build up and then use the brush to really get that facial hair styled and spread out your beard products effectively.

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And finally, we'd love to say a big thank you for following the 5 step series to growing the best beard you can, and hopefully alongside us Mo Bro's.

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Best of Luck, Brothers!