Hello Monday, who needs some motivation? We definitely do! Did you know that Monday motivation is an actual thing? Studies have shown that motivation soars at the start of the week, a phenomenon known as “the fresh start effect”. The thing is that people are more likely to start a new diet or practise a new habit at the start of the week, with the idea of starting fresh and leaving your old self behind. But what happens if Monday comes around and you’re just not feeling it? Well, let us help!

Monday motivation if you can’t concentrate on work

We’ve all been there. Just when you start to enjoy your lovely weekend and time off, it’s time to get back to work and you definitely don’t feel like being productive. Just keep in mind that time flies and this day will be over sooner than you think! Most likely if you don’t concentrate and get work done on time, there will be more of it left for the rest of the week and you definitely don’t want to do any overtime on Friday, right? Like Nike says “Just do it”, once you occupy your mind with work, time will go by faster.

Monday motivation if you want to start a new habit

Starting a new habit is not easy. Quite often people work hard for a week or two and then eventually get back to their old ways. If you want to stay committed and determined, you need to really work on your “why’s”. What we mean is that you have to have a good reason for doing it in the first place that will really motivate you. For example, instead of saying I want a ‘six pack’, motivate yourself by saying that I want to live a healthy and active life, instead of saying I want to be more productive, say that I want to have a good career and provide for my family.  Once you have a goal like that, keep it in mind and constantly remind yourself of it. Maybe change your phone screen picture and put a note on your computer as a small reminder.

Monday motivation if you’re already wishing it was the weekend

If you got the Monday blues and you already can’t wait for the weekend, there’s something that you can do to make the weekend feel a bit closer. When you think of the weekend, most likely you associate it with treats, good time and friends and family. So why not combine it with things you do? Treat yourself to a cup of nice cup or coffee or meet a friend after you finish an important task. This can help you to motivate yourself to be more productive.

Monday motivation if you dislike your boss

Having a bad relationship with your boss can definitely affect your motivation and productivity in the workplace. It’s not a pleasant situation, but there’s one thing you could do that could help to improve it. Try putting yourself in his or her shoes (no matter how difficult that may be sometimes). Bosses can be under a lot of pressure themselves. Remember that managing people and projects is not easy and it can be stressful, especially with a difficult boss of their own. This exercise might help you to take it less personally and even improve your relationship.

Monday motivation if you’re hungover

To start with, give yourself an imaginary high five that you made it to work. Today is about making the best of a bad situation, so it’s probably best to tackle the tasks that are easiest to complete and give you the most pleasure. You’re probably already aware of it, but it’s best to keep yourself well fed and hydrated. Keep drinking water and swap your coffee for a sports drink. Why? Because coffee is a good energy booster, but it also dehydrates you, making you feel even more tired and hungover after a while. Sports drinks contain carbohydrates that release energy slowly over a longer period of time and electrolytes will aid your hydration levels.

Now that you have 5 tips on how to deal with Mondays, we hope that you’re ready to use this wisdom and make the best of this day!