Beards are absolutely awesome, but as with many things, people have some misconceptions about them. The worst thing is, that these false beliefs stop many men from growing a beard of their own. Mo Bro’s is here to put them to an end. Here are 7 myths about beards you should not pay attention to.

Beards Are Itchy

The truth is, beard itch never lasts longer than a month. Itchiness can be caused by skin drying out and coarse hair. That’s why it’s important to take care of your beard to keep it healthy and itch-free. If you have a beard that is longer than a stubble, it is recommended to at least use beard oil to moisturise the skin underneath your facial hair.

A Beard Should Look Complete In 2 To 3 Weeks

If you have just started growing a beard, you’ll have to be patient. Not all beards grow the same way and it can take quite a long time. Some guys expect to have full beards after just few weeks of growing, but really you’re not likely to see a full inch until you’re into your 8th or 9th week. The average growth is 5.5″ in a year, which breaks down to less than half an inch in a month. So just be patient and keep on growing!

Beards Are Dirty

If you don’t clean your beard – it’s going to be dirty. Simple as that. Just like you have to wash your head hair, you have to wash your beard regularly too. So get yourself some good quality beard wash and conditioner to keep your beard clean and hydrated.

My Beard Is Too Patchy

Once again, just have patience and let it grow! If your beard came out to be patchy during the first few months, just give it some time, because it almost certainly will fill up. Sometimes there are bald spots that take a while to grow, but it will eventually fill in. There can be medical reasons why certain areas absolutely will not grow, but it is much more likely that you just need to give it more time.

You Won’t Be Able To Land A Job

It’s true that some professions are more beard- friendly, compared to others. For example, beards might not be accepted in catering. However, if you look closely you will find a lot of bearded men in the work environment. It can even benefit you, because an interviewer will be able to distinguish you from other candidates and remember you easier.

Beards Make You Warmer In The Summer

A lot of men end up shaving in the summer because they think that it will be too hot having a beard in this season. They are wrong. Beard will keep sunlight off the face and protect it from getting sunburn as well as keeping it cooler.

A Beard Makes You Look Unattractive 

Actually, a beard can make more attractive. Of course, it comes down to personal taste, but according to research published in Evolution and Human Behavior , both men and woman perceive bearded men to be more masculine.