7 Vital Steps To Growing A Moustache

Growing A Moustache is something that has its champions but isn’t to everyone’s taste. The humble moustache certainly divides opinion. Long, short, bushy or small, moustaches are a veritable 'smorgasbord' of styles. If you've decided to sport one too, make sure to grow a moustache that you can really be proud of. We're here to help with 7 vital steps to growing a moustache.

Have patience and let it grow

If this is your first attempt at growing a moustache, then you should know that it is best to wait until the hair is long enough to trim. This will approximately take about 2-4 weeks, longer is better. Have some patience, because if you start trimming too soon, you won’t get the best results. So that may mean growing the whole beard. This will allow you to see where any patchy areas are so that you can make the decision on which style moustache to go for.

While your moustache is growing you may experience that tach or beard itch at some point. Don’t panic and certainly don’t give it and shave it all off. The early itchy growth is a result of your years spent shaving. Shaving sharpens the hair and makes it coarse like sandpaper. The coarse hair breaks through and irritates the skin, which results in inflammation and dryness and itchiness. SImply keep it clean and keep it hydrated with beard oil.

Consider your face shape

It’s obvious, a lot of you would probably say, but it’s important to remember. Some men make this simple mistake and end up choosing a wrong style for their face. Moustaches are a very personal thing, so take your own face into account. If you have a rather square face, we recommend going for a heavier moustache with the ends extending beyond the corners of the mouth. If your face is more of an oval shape, the best decision would be to go for a slightly triangular shape with a medium width.

Combing your moustache

Now that you are ready to trim and know what kind of style you are aiming for, there is just one thing left to do. We recommend combing your moustache while it’s been growing to train the hairs to grow in the right direction but would also comb it just before trimming it. This will ensure that you get an even trim. The best tool to use would be a small comb with closely spaced teeth to brush your lip hair straight down.

Trim it

After you’ve decided on the style and got that shape going, then the most important step is to keep trimming your moustache. Here is the guidance on how to do it.

  • Pick the right trimming scissors to get the best result possible.
  • Hold the scissors parallel to the top of your lip and carefully clip the bottom of your moustache along your lip line.
  • Make sure that you keep your trimming hand as steady as possible to ensure that it is trimmed evenly.
  • In order to shape the bottom of your moustache equally, follow the shape of your mouth.
  • You should be aiming for the hair to meet the top of your lip.
  • After trimming comb your moustache once more to ensure that the sides are evenly trimmed.

Wash and condition your moustache

Just like your hair, your moustache needs to be clean too. The best product to wash it with is beard soap or beard wash. Use it every two or three days to avoid any food bits or dirt getting trapped in your moustache. A matching beard conditioner is the killer product for softening that moustache and making you feel top dollar.

Moisturise your moustache

In order to keep your skin healthy and flake-free it’s important to continue moisturising it every day with beard oil. Regular use of beard oil will not only continue to keep that itch at bay but will also prevent the moustache from drying out. A good quality beard oil is ideal to get the job done.

Mo Bro’s beard oils contain a mix of essential oils that soften the moustache and moisturise the skin underneath. It will condition the beard, without weighing it down or clogging up the pores.

Shape it

Just like we like to take care of our hair, it is as important to shape and style our moustache. If you have picked an interesting style for your tache that requires a little effort to maintain, without the right products and care it can become messy.  If you want to get that perfect look, we recommend using our beard balm or moustache wax. Both will hold the ends in place and ensure that it stays neat and styled but the moustache wax has a much stronger hold that the beard balm...but the choice is yours bro.

Start growing a moustache fellas and don't forget to share your journey with us on Instagram by tagging @mobrosgrooming in your pictures!

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