5 Benefits Of Brushing Your Beard

Let's talk about brushing your beard... If you already have a mane or have started growing one, you know how stubborn hairs can occasionally become out of place and messy. Like you would brush your hair into place, beard brushes exist for that very reason. Remember that brushing your beard is more than just having good looks! Believe it or not there's more to it then that, it will help in a range of different ways, so let's get straight to it.


First and foremost, let’s start with the most obvious benefit of brushing your beard. Brushing will help you look more awake, regardless if you woke up 15 minutes before work and are rushing for a zoom meeting! Trust us on this one, taking 30 seconds to brush your beard will give you that I woke up at 6am, worked out and took an hour to get ready type of look. 

It’s easy to fool lads and all it takes is a beard brush to get it into place! No really, it works wonders.


We all know how easy it is to get your dinner stuck in your beard and finding pieces of it after! Luckily for you, brushing your beard helps to remove any dirt (abandoned food) and dust. 

An easier routine instead of taking a shower...


When you apply different beard products e.g. trusted beard oil, you want it to evenly distribute the products around your beard in order to get your whole beard surface covered. In this instance, you will be making the most of your chosen product, which will work even greater. Brushing your beard will allow exactly that, it will trap all products you apply directly into and across your bead.

Luckily, brushing won't only just help target your beard but your skin too! It will help products sink into your skin, keeping it moisturised. 

Brushing Your Beard Brush


Brushing your beard won’t magically make your beard grow, if that was the case I’m guessing it would be a constant practise. But don’t be disheartened just yet, fortunately brushing can have some effect on your growth. What it can do is train your hair to grow in the direction you want it to, whilst also looking much fuller and in tact.

As well as this, as brushing allows products to get really sunk into your skin, it can reach your hair follicles which in return can help encourage growth. Please remember that brushing your beard won't make it grow, it can be a contributing factor towards it!


Let's be honest, no one likes tangled beard hair. Tangled hair can cause knots, making it easier for breakages, which in return can cause some form of hair loss and patchiness. If you want to eliminate tangled hair, brushing your beard will make it more manageable and smoother. 

Brushing your beard will also help eliminate any split ends and frizz that are present, calming the hairs down and taming them into shape.

Want to know how to brush your beard? Check out this short clip of Trevor who shows you how ...

If you don’t have your hands on a beard brush, now's the time! Honestly, it will be a game changer for you and brushing your beard will become a hobby.

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