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    Beard Blog

    How To Tidy a Messy Beard

    How To Tidy a Messy Beard
    Whether you’re going to work, out to town or on a date... tidying up your messy beard can help you look well put together, even if you woke up 15 minutes before. The process is more simple than you think and all it takes is a few necessities, so let’s get straight to it.

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    8 Benefits Of Having A Beard

    Benefits of having a beard blog post
    If you have a beard, there is no doubt that you should be proud of it. It is not only making you look more masculine, but is also healthy! If anyone ever says to you that having a beard is unsanitary or unattractive, you can prove them wrong by telling them these 8 benefits.

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    How I Tame My Coarse Beard: My Beard Journey

    How I tamed my coarse beard blog post

    As you may have seen all over Instagram, Kev’s beard has been plastered throughout. We wanted to understand more about his journey and we learnt that having a beard is not always fun and games!

    Kev’s biggest issue is his coarse beard and has found ways to combat that, by exploring different products and routines... Learn more about his beard growth routine and why he has decided to stick to a 1 year growth plan.

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