Top 5 Beard Growing Tips

Unfortunately growing a beard isn’t as easy as it seems, such tasks come with a lot of patience and dedication to that goal. The process differs for everyone, some can grow beards within a heartbeat but for others, it can take a while (which can put many people off). 

If you’re looking to start your beard growing journey and need some quick pointers, read on for some useful beard growing tips that will hopefully aid your process.


It’s really important to have patience, you can’t expect your beard to grow overnight. Some guys may give up too early without reaching their full potential, so it’s vital that you wait it out.

We’re not going to sugar coat the process, for some it may take a while.


We understand that the first stages of beard growth can be highly irritating e.g. constant beard itch which will increase your urge to shave it off.

Our ambassador Trevor stated the importance of this, We all have days where we don’t want to have it on our face because it becomes irritating, but the simple trick is to just let it grow, if you feel like cutting it just wait a day and it will change your mind” 

To allow your beard to start growing, take his advice and leave it alone!

Beard Growing Tips with James


PRIORITISE SELF CARE! Surprisingly, external factors such as exercise and diet can have an effect on growing your beard. 

In terms of exercising, it is said that weight lifting and exercising is known to naturally increase testosterone levels, that can have an uplifting effect on the growth of your beard.

Your diet is an important factor too. Eating a well balanced diet will help increase the chances of beard growth. Foods with a mix of proteins (meat and nuts) and healthy fats (eggs and avocados) is a great combination.

Beard Growing Tips Post


If you want the beard you desire, you need to be investing in some beard products that will give you the boost you need.

By using the right products, it will help increase your chances of successfully growing out a beard. It will help moisturise, keep your beard clean and maintained in the process.

PS: Beard oil can promote hair growth, it’s purpose is to remove dead skin cells and strengthen the facial hair, so ultimately it is your go-to product

The most important feature of using products, is that it will help reduce any irritation caused by the beard e.g. itching, dandruff etc. 


In order to keep it in shape, you have to give your beard a trim. Trim them uneven hairs and give it the shape you require without taking too much off. 

Learn step by step here - How to trim a beard

With these 5 beard growing tips, we hope you have learnt a thing a two before starting your beard growth journey. It won’t be an easy and straight-forward ride but it will be worth it in the end.

Have fun growing bro’s!

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