How To Make Your Beard Soft

‘What’s the best way to make my beard soft?’ is probably one of the most asked questions here at Mo Bros. Before we delve into the best ways on how to make your beard soft we first need to understand why beard hair isn’t soft.

Why isn’t my beard soft?

When men start to grow a beard they will find that the hairs will be softer than when you have been growing for a while. This is mainly because older facial hair has been exposed for a longer time to the elements - wind, sun, rain, snow, more rain. All of this exposure means the hairs will become brittle and hard rather than soft and will be a pain in the backside.

In addition to the elements your beard is exposed to food particles, dust and even constant touching. Another reason for rough beards and facial hair is due to a lack of moisture. Your skin produces natural oils to keep your beard soft, however, exposure to the above and the use of regular soap or shampoo will strip away those hair strengthening oils. In order to keep your beard soft you need to incorporate the correct products and also keep to a beard grooming routine.

How to Keep My Beard Soft

The best way to keep your beard soft is to have a daily routine that cleans and moisturises your facial hair making sure you use the right products. You can jump over to our blog post on our 5 Step Process to Better Beard Care but below are a number of the best products on the market to help keep it soft.

Beard Shampoo

It’s best to get a good beard shampoo for your daily grooming routine, because unlike the regular shampoos, it will manage rather than eliminate the oils that moisturise your facial hair. The role of a beard-specific shampoo is to wash away dirt, while leaving and adding natural oils that keep your beard and skin healthy. We recommend using the beard shampoo twice to three times a week, more if you work in conditions that produce dust and dirt.

Beard Soft Shampoo

Beard Conditioner

While beard shampoo will wash your precious mane, beard conditioner will provide a deep treatment and moisturise your facial hair. That’s why if you have a very dry and flaky beard, we recommend using beard conditioner at least twice a week. Add a few drops after using your shampoo and leave in for a minute or two before washing out thoroughly. It will provide better conditions for your facial hair to grow and not to mention, make your beard soft and healthy.

Beard Oil and Balm

Depending on the length and the state of your beard you’ll definitely need to use at least one. If you have a relatively short beard, then you’ll need beard oil. It’s one of the best products to keep your beard moisturised, shiny and soft.

If you have a medium to long beard then we recommend using beard balm. It will not only condition and moisturise your facial hair, but it will also tame it and give it some volume. For the best results we recommend using both but it’s up to you bro.

Beard Butter

Beard Butter is like the middleground between beard balm and beard oil – it will condition and nourish the precious mane, while leaving a matte finish, rather than a shiny one. It essentially works very similar to beard oil – the purpose of the product is to nourish and condition the beard to keep it soft and healthy. The main difference though, is that it is more like a cream rather than an oil. We recommend using beard oil or balm in the morning and beard butter in the evening to deep moisturise your facial hair. Psst this is the Mo Bros favourite product for keeping that beard soft.

Beard Soft Butter

Beard Brush

Using a beard brush can make your beard soft in a number of ways. A beard brush will help with clearing the beard of dirt and dust and that leftover pizza. It also straightens the beard and makes the hairs point in the same direction which will make it feel (and look) better. Finally, when using oil, balm or butter, the beard brush will help spread it to all parts of the beard and will work the product into hair and skin.

The secret to a soft and healthy beard is not as difficult as many might think. All you need are the right products and a little bit of care. Wear you mane with pride and beard on!

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