How To Soften Your Beard

The idea of having and growing a beard seems like a great idea but as a lot of you have experienced, it does come with some challenges. A popular problem amongst fellow beardsmen, is that facial hair can become dry and rough.

Thankfully, there are products available to help prevent that from occurring. If you're looking for ways to soften your beard, you’ve come to the right place.


Washing your beard is the first step to making your beard soft. By using a good beard wash and spending time cleaning it, you'll start noticing a difference. It’s purpose is to work it’s way through your hair follicles, without stripping away the natural oils that are already in your beard. It will soften, deeply clean and hydrate your facial hair. 

We recommend washing your beard 2-3 times a week. Alongside this, it’s important that you don't miss this following step in your routine…

Soften Your Beard With Shampoo


Beard conditioner will ultimately give your beard that smoother texture, reduce beard dandruff and will overall help soften your beard. It will also reduce any irritation and will give your beard that hydration it is lacking.

We recommend conditioning your beard 2-3 times a week, conventionally after using beard wash.


In every recommended beard grooming routine, it is advised to use beard oil. As you may have heard, it is a go-to product for many beardsmen and as an all rounder, it helps moisturise your facial hair, condition it and helps it smell fresh. 

So, beard oil does many things, but does it really help soften your beard? YES. One of it's other main functions, is to soften your beard as it is formulated with ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. These all work together to add shine and softness to the beard.

To allow the product to efficiently work, we recommend using beard oil every day.  

soften your beard with oil


Beard butter is a styling agent, it sits between beard oil and beard balm. It works similar to beard oil, but beard butter is like a cream instead of an oil. If you have a dry beard, this product will really help soften it. The bonus is that it won't leave your beard feeling greasy, instead it will leave a subtle matte finish.

We recommend using beard butter after washing your beard, depending on if you use other products, you can apply it every day. It does come down to personal preference.


To allow these products to work, we recommend to use a beard brush or comb to brush your beard, so everything is evenly distributed throughout your facial hair. As well as this, brushing/combing your beard will detangle and neaten your beard.

Soften your beard with a comb

If you really want to soften your beard, you have to put the effort in by using the right products and creating a good beard routine. Everyone wants to experience that soft touch, so consistently using your preferred products will eventually lead to a difference in the way your beard looks and feels.

What products you use comes down to personal preference, e.g. whether you want a dewy (beard oil) or matte look (beard butter). Trial and error is your friend, explore different products such as beard wash, conditioner, butter and oil and really explore which products you favour. 

After all, a healthy beard is a soft beard.

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