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    Beard Blog

    How To Soften Your Beard

    Soften Your Beard Blog Post

    The idea of having and growing a beard seems like a great idea, but as a lot of you have experienced, it does come with some challenges. A popular problem with many is that beards can become dry and rough, but the good news is that there’s products available to help prevent that from occurring. 

    If you're looking for ways to soften your beard, you’ve come to the right place.

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    Growing a Beard: My Beard Journey

    Growing a Beard Blog Post
    We’ve all felt the urge to rip our beards off, I’m guessing almost everyone has but not many have had the b***s to do it. Well, our ambassador and friend Trevor did exactly that … and more, he shaved his hair off too. Some might say he's brave, but the decision for Trevor to take part in a beard and head shave for charity was an easy one. Read on to find out how Trevor started growing a beard, Trevor spills all!

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    Can Beard Oil.... 7 Beard Oil Questions Answered

    Can Beard Oil blog Post

    Beard oil can be used for a number of different things. For many it is an essential item in their grooming regime, yet they are unaware of all of its capabilities. So what else can beard oil do or can’t do then? To answer all your burning questions,  we’ve outlined 7 other things that you may not know about beard oil

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    How I Solved My Beard Itch: My Beard Journey

    My Beard Itch
    For guys like James, growing a beard does come with its downfall's e.g. that beard itch, which through time he has learnt to overcome. Surprisingly, beards are more than just facial hair - they’re a lifestyle and have become a vital part of his everyday routine. We checked in with our friend who spoke about his aspiring acting career and of course, all things beard!

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    How I Style My Moustache: My Beard Journey

    Brett's Moustache Styling Journey
    Is there such a thing as moustache envy? I know, I know we’re all thinking the same thing right? How on earth has he got such a great moustache? Well, we spoke to the main man himself! Read on to find out more about our ambassador Brett, who tells us how he keeps up with his insane tash.

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