How To Eat With A Beard

Here at Mo Bros we love beards and we love food just as much. Unfortunately those two things don’t always go well together. Pasta can fall, ice cream can melt and soup can end up dripping into your beard. This post is dedicated to all of the bearded food lovers, to make their precious experience more clean and pleasant.

Avoid finger food and use utensils

First rule to keep your precious facial hair clean is to use utensils while eating. It may not be the most convenient way to eat a pizza, burrito or a burger, but it will help to keep your beard and moustache clean. It’s better to have a nice and clean beard after eating with a knife and fork, than eating pizza with your hands and noticing that you have tomato sauce painting your whiskers red.

Don’t overload

If you want to keep your beard clean and avoid the undesired food particles in it, it’s best to pay attention to how much food you’re putting on your fork or spoon. Make sure that you’re not overloading your utensils with food, so it can make it safely into your mouth.

Eating with a beard blog post

What about sweets?

Well there are few things that you should avoid eating, like doughnuts, ice cream and syrup. Doughnuts tend to crumble, crack and ooze on the first bite, which can caramelise your beard. In order to avoid this, simply cut your doughnut into small pieces before you eat it. When it comes to syrup, the only recommendation we can give is to either avoid it or be very careful while eating it, because once you get it in your facial hair, the syrup will stick your beard together like glue. For ice cream, simply switch from a cone to a cup and eat it with a spoon. The key here is to ensure ice cream isn’t melted, semi-melted, or dripping.

What about noodles or pasta?

In my opinion these are some of the most delicious meals, but when it comes to noodles and long, impressive beards, unfortunately they just don’t mix. No Matter how much you cut or twirl, the strands fall off the fork and into the beard.

However, don’t give this tasty meal up just yet. If you don’t want to shorten that majestic mane, this is how to deal with it: to avoid getting the majority of the sauce into your beard, grab your beard with your non-dominant hand, while gently twisting it together and pulling it to the side. After just simply eat with your dominant hand.

What about soup/cereal?

Sometimes there’s nothing like a warm, delicious bowl of soup. However, the chances of spilling liquids from a spoon are high. To avoid it, only put enough for a mouthful on the spoon when eating soup or cereal. Big spoonfuls will leave your beard smelling like chicken noodle in no time. So bear in mind that less is definitely more here.

What about drinks?

In order to save your precious moustache, there are few things that you could do. First of all, using a travel cup or a straw will definitely keep any liquids away from your upper lip. Secondly, if you think that’s inconvenient or a bit silly, you can always use a Mo Guard!

If all else fails?

If you want to eat something that will be messy no matter what, keep a napkin or a baby wipe ready for frequent wiping. Carrying a handkerchief in your pocket is always a good idea.

If you are taking big bites, brush your moustache away from your mouth using your thumb and forefinger before taking a bite.

When you bring your fork up to your mouth, come from below your moustache at an angle instead of straight at your mouth.

Use very little or no wax in the middle of your moustache. It will make it easier to keep it clean when eating.

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