Growing a beard in winter is absolutely great! Your mug rug will keep your face warm, protect it from wind burn and even UV rays. However, while beard is a pleasant companion this special season, cold weather can be a bit harsh on your facial hair. If you don’t take care of it properly, it can dry your beard out. You might have to step up your beard game to keep your mane looking and feeling great. Here are few tips that will help.

Take cooler showers

There’s nothing better than a hot shower in the early winter mornings, is it? While it feels nice, it’s the number 1 enemy for your beard in this cold season. Why? Because it strips hair and skin of their natural oils, resulting in dry flaky hair and itchy skin. Try taking cooler showers instead, because cool water seals the cuticle layer of the hair to keep your beard moisturised. If hot shower is a must for you, at least try not to keep your beard under the water for too long.

It’s also important to dry your beard properly after you wash it, as the hard minerals found  in most tap water it can make things even worse by drying onto the skin, making the beard feel rough.

Use less shampoo

You still need to keep your beard clean, but try not to over do it. Beard wash or soap is not bad for the beard, but some people go overboard washing it every single day. Too much soap or wash during the cold winter season can strip your beard of the natural oils. Continue rinsing your face and beard daily to keep it clean, but try using beard soap or wash only 2-3 times per week.

Moisturise more

Beard oil is like the nectar of gods that was made for the beard. It’s the product your precious mane won’t be able to survive the winter without. We said it many times before, but beard oil is simply a must! It will keep the beard moisturised and conditioned.

Depending on how dry your beard is, apply it in the morning, reapply once during the day and at night. For a fruity but not overpowering scent, try Mo Bro’s Vanilla & Mango Beard Oil. Enhanced with the fragrance of cinnamon, clove, subtle ginger and sweet orange, this scent provides the warm, comforting feeling of winter, while its properties enhance and nourish the skin.

Beard balm is another great product that was formulated for the beard. It should be your second step after applying beard oil. It will add extra moisture to your beard and skin, while adding some shape at the same time.

Don’t avoid the comb and brush

A lot of guys skip this step, but it’s more beneficial than you might think. Brushing or combing your beard daily will keep it clean, tidy and in top shape. The magic of brushing or combing is that it will spread the products you used and moisturise the beard even more, not to mention that it will train your hair to grow in the right direction. Not sure wether you need a beard comb or a brush? Press here to read all about it!

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