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    Mo Bro's Wooden Signature Collection is the ultimate gift for the modern beardsman! Marvel in the joy shown by your beloved beardsman when he opens our specially crafted Wooden Box, containing the full range of beard styling and maintenance products.

    If you would like to personalise your box, just add the name on the next page of purchase in the note box (maximum 10 characters). Please note font size may vary with number of letters compared to the image.

    Created To Condition, Hydrate and Style your Beard in All-In-One Kit.

    Reduces Beard Itch, Dandruff and Promotes Hair Growth

    Contains Natural Ingredients such as Almond Oil, Shea Butter & Beeswax

    Makes A Perfect Gift

     Proudly made in the United Kingdom


    Length: 16cm, Width: 16cm, Height: 8cm. 


    1 x 15ml Moustache Wax – An essential possession of the discerning beardsman, our moustache wax allows him to shape and style his moustache, as well as practising and experimenting with new styles.

    1 x 50ml Beard Oil – A beardsman’s facial whiskers will cause irritation with their new-born energy and vigour. Allow him to calm this annoyance with our specially formulated beard oil, which will also provide nourishment, whilst moisturising and taming his beard.

    1 x 25ml Beard Balm – As the beardman’s man mane grows the risk of it misbehaving increases. Whilst conditioning, softening and moisturising your beard, our balm will provide you with a fuller look, allowing you to achieve a tidy, sharp finish.

    1 x Grooming Scissors – The beardsman will spend hours luxuriating in the mirror at the excellent condition of his carefully crafted beard, whilst continually observing misbehaving whiskers that require trimming. Our precision grooming scissors are the only instrument he will require for this delicate operation.

    1 x Beard Comb – The seasoned beardsman will comb his precious mane to keep it in top shape and style it. Thus, our Mo comb will become an essential item in his toolbox of crafting products.

    1 x 50ml Beard Wash – The modern beardsman understands that a good beard is a clean beard. Our beard wash will thoroughly cleanse his man mane, removing dirt and grime, leaving him feeling fresh and looking handsome.

    1 x Travel Bag - By definition, the beardsman will be inquisitive, aspiring and adventurous, and will seek new lands to explore. Our essential travel bag will ensure that his essential beard styling accoutrements accompany him across the globe.

    1 x Beard Brush – The beardsman’s mane can become unruly and may require taming. Our beard brush will help to untangle errant hairs and will train them to grow in a desired direction. The brushing of the hair follicles also keeps them stimulated and healthy.

    1 x Pocket Mirror – ‘Vanity’ does not appear in the dictionary of the beardsman; however, ‘immaculate’ does, and our mobile pocket mirror allows the beardsman to check that his appearance is immaculate throughout his industrious day.


    Shea Butter

    Emanating from the fruit seeds of the Shea tree, Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F, which moisturise and reduce inflammation on the skin. Additionally, it protects the beard from weathering, and provides nourishment to leave hair feeling soft and conditioned.


    A gift from the honey bee to the beardsman! Beeswax’s multifaceted properties offer protection for both facial hair and the underlying skin. For the beard or moustache, the beeswax will promote style, softness and volume, whilst the sealant it creates shields against dirt, grime and moisture. Beeswax’s vitamin A is the guardian angel of the beardsman, defending the skin against allergies and inflammation.

    Petroleum Jelly

    The unlikely ally of the beardsman, petroleum jelly helps to moisturise and soften skin, whilst its numerous properties support hair strength and styling.

    Sweet Almond Oil

    Given its plethora of hair and skin enriching vitamins and minerals, there is no surprise that sweet almond oil is considered the best friend of the seasoned beardsman. Containing vitamin E, potassium, zinc, protein, magnesium and biotin, sweet almond oil will promote beard growth and excellent hair conditioning, whilst eliminating dandruff and reducing inflammation.

    Grapeseed Oil

    This rich and penetrating carrier oil has an abundance of vitamins and minerals, enabling it to lock in moisture, thus preventing the nemesis of the beardsman - unwelcome hair brittleness and unsightly beard frizzing.


    Vanilla and Mango

    The subtle scent of vanilla, when combined with the tropical, fresh and fruity aroma of mango, provides a delicious and mood-lifting fragrance. When used, the beardsman will be temporarily transported to warmer, more exotic lands, only to return invigorated!


    Through the exacting process of steam distillation on the wood pieces originating from the cedar tree, this essential oil can further improve the beardsman’s wisdom. The oil will also promote hair growth whilst mitigating skin irritation. The oil carries a distinct masculine, woody fragrance.


    This alluring, lush fragrance oil packs a musky, woody bouquet, and beautifully complements our range of scents. This oil is ideal for the beardsman seeking a warm masculine scent.

    Sweet Mint

    A peppermint essential oil with a myriad of health benefits, including inducing calmness, improving focus and boosting energy, whilst its antimicrobial properties will help to freshen and soothe. This essential oil has a classic clean, fresh fragrance, making it a popular choice of the venerable beardsman.

    Orange Bergamot

    A delightfully fresh, citrus scented oil, which increases the beardsman’s circulation, thus promoting hair growth. Orange Bergamot contains both anti-ageing and anti-depressive properties, and is able to both soothe skin irritations and kill germs and bacteria.

    Winter Spice

    Enhanced with the fragrance of cinnamon, clove, subtle ginger and sweet orange, this scent provides the warm, comforting feeling of winter, whilst its properties enhance and nourish the skin.

    Summer Spice

    Summer Spice contains cinnamon, which will enhance the skin’s complexion, whilst this scent, intertwined with ripe plum and vanilla pods, will provide a fresh, vibrant fragrance.


    For the beardsman who wishes to express the fragrance of his chosen aftershave, our unscented product is natural, bearing no essential oils.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Fantastic product

    I've had a beard for over 30 years & have never used any products like these . I ordered this & it arrived next day great service started using the bits & bobs that day 3 days in & my beard feels the best it has ever been well done MoBros

    Fantastic starter kit

    I bought this as my first product from Mo Bro's - just to get started.
    The first time using it was a thrill, and I have used most of it several times since - in the couple of weeks I have had it.
    I bought it with Sweet Mint, and I was instantly loving the scent! Makes the beard feel fresh - and I have gotten more comments on my beard now than previously. Which is always nice. :D
    After having bought this, I quickly placed another order, and a week later yet another order. I really love these products and I'm referring others to buy from here also. So a full 5 stars is easily given here.


    So last week was my first time ordering from MoBros, my mom was stuck on what to get my partner for Christmas and as he has recently grew out his beard we thought something like this would be perfect. We searched around for a while but nothing really caught our eye until we came accross this kit.
    The packaging is great and the personalised name/message is a lovely touch. The scents are also true to what they say - Vanilla and Mango being our favourite. Also great value for money! I know my partner will love it.

    Signature Beard Grooming Kit

    Received a Signature Beard Grooming Box Kit, presentation excellent, products perfect, it’s only been a week and I’m already seeing the benefits and the Winter Spice products I must say smells lovely.
    You do feel that extra special when opening the box.
    Thank you Keval.

    Really nice

    Received as a gift. Cant be happier. really nice

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