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Meet Mo Bro’s, one of the leading beard grooming companies in the UK that was founded in 2014 by three bearded brothers. It all started when they decided to grow their facial hair for Movember. The brothers soon discovered that growing a beard is not easy. First brother, Keval, had a wild and thick beard that needed taming. Second brother, Kunal, had a terrible itch when the hair was first growing out, and the third brother, Savan, had a really patchy beard.

Three brothers soon noticed that there aren’t many beard grooming companies that would sell high quality, yet affordable products. They soon came up with brilliant ideas to solve this problem and developed products that cured their beard problems. The brothers loved it so much that they wanted to share it with the rest of the world. So if you have a beard, you might fall in love with Mo Bro’s products! 

Since launching in November 2014 we have served over 200,000 fellow beards men all over the world!

Here at Mo Bro’s Grooming, we are dedicated to making every customer a happy customer. Although we are based in the United Kingdom, we will not deprive any customers of our products. Not only do we deliver worldwide, we deliver to Europe completely free. We create our products using the highest quality materials whilst keeping our products affordable for the everyday man. We create all of the necessary products a fine fellow like yourself might need, varying from products such as beard oils and beard washes that will keep your precious man mane clean and soft, to products that will help you to maintain and groom your beard such as scissors and beard combs.