Watch the Mo Bro's Founder's story!

So how did the adventure begin?

Keval Dattani (33), Kunal Dattani (29), Savan Dattani (24) are the founder’s and directors of Mo Bro’s. Mo Bro’s is a family owned business that creates high quality products and accessories to help men keep their beards groomed, styled & maintained. Since 2014 we've helped 200,000 fellow Mo Bro's in 78 countries to grow the best beard of their lives. Our products are available on 8 major airlines around the world. We have been recognised in our industry as market leaders and have been nominated for several awards. Our mission is to 'unite men through their facial hair all around the world'.

Our products include beard oils, beard balms, moustache waxes, shampoos & conditioners and an array of tools and accessories. Our products solve a range of beard problems include beard itching, poor growth, taming the beard. Ultimately our products will give confidence to men all around the world and give them a step by step guide to grow a healthier and happier beard.

We started growing our facial hair for Movember and were unable to complete due to a few problems. Keval (33) had a wild and unruly beard that was out of control and grew in all directions, Kunal (29) had a terribly itchy beard which meant two weeks into Movember he had to shave. Savan (24) didn’t really have much really to speak of and had a patchy beard. 

We all then decided to find a solution to the 3 problems we had. Keval found ingredients that would tame the wildest of facial hair. Kunal found products that would reduce his terrible beard itch. Savan found ingredients that would thicken his existing hair.

After Movember, we all sat down really disappointed, clean shaven and we thought wouldn’t it be great for once in our life we could grow a beard we could be proud off. Being intrepid explorers and entrepreneurs they didn't let these challenges stand in our way… We started working on finding a solution for our problems. Keval went away and found grooming products that would tame even the most of wild beards. Kunal went off and discovered oils that would stop the itching & Savan went away and found ingredients that will thicken the hair and make it more visible. Our products were first launched on eBay and Amazon and sold out in first 24 hours. It was immediately apparent that there was a huge demand for home recipes of beard oils, balms and moustache waxes.