World Beard Day: Why it Matters?

Your beard has its own day.


Hey, if lighthouses and spicy guacamole have their own days, beards have every right to demand their moment in the spotlight. But you know that already.

The first Saturday of September is World Beard Day. This year, it falls on September 1.

What’s it all about?

World Beard Day was created to bask in the glory of beards.

It’s a day to take stock of the magnificence of beards, contemplate everything that they’ve been and get excited about everything that they’ll become.

There’s a long history of beard celebrations dating back to the Danish Vikings, who would honour their beards multiple times a year. There was never a specific day for the celebration back in 800AD, though. Now there is.

Shouldn’t every day be World Beard Day?

Yes. Yes, it should. But it isn’t and that makes this day all the more special. Miss out on this year’s celebrations and you have to wait a full year for your facial hair to become the sole focus of everyone’s attention.

I’ve only got mutton chops, can I take part?

Mutton chops, you say?

You’re in.

Men with goatees, Fu Manchus, chin straps and Van Dykes — you’re in too.

Men with full beards, short or long — you don’t even need to ask. You’re in.

Are there rules?


Doing so is seen as being highly disrespectful to bearded elders.  

Don’t even look at a razor.

Another ‘rule’ (if you want to call it that) comes from the World Beard Day oracle:

“It is customary for the bearded members of a family to relax and partake in no jobs or chores. The beardless members of the family traditionally show their support by waiting on the bearded hand and foot.”

But we’ll let you run that one past your family.

I’m all in. How do I celebrate?

You celebrate in style, bearded brethren.

- Admire your beard in the mirror. Then, pamper it: beard wash, conditioner, beard oil, moustache wax — the works.

- Visit the Mo Bro’s website to lavish your beard with gifts (keep reading for our special World Beard Day discount code).

- Brush or comb your beard and talk it much like you would if you were stroking a dog.

- Go outside and shout “come and see how great my beard looks,” then make people queue up to touch it.

- Gather with loved ones and eat great food. Summer isn’t over yet so break out the barbeque one last time. Loved ones that aren't bearded are permitted to take part in celebrations providing they a) talk about nothing but beards, and b) wear a fake beard.

- Sing songs by your favourite bearded artists.

- The World Beard Day oracle recommends changing a tyre. “Grab a bearded mate or two, flatten a car’s tyre, then enjoy the satisfaction of changing it using your extensive life skills.”

- Play some beard vs. non-beard sports where the non-beard team has to remain blindfolded with their hands and feet tied together throughout.

You can celebrate in any way you like, as long as it benefits your beard.

Anything else?

Yep. Here’s a free World Beard Day gift from us:

20% off everything on the Mo Bro’s website. Enter the code ‘WORLDBEARDDAY20’ at checkout at any time during World Beard Day and we’ll deduct 20% from your order.

Happy World Beard Day, you handsome beasts.