The Most Attractive Facial Hair Styles for No Shave November

It’s No Shave November, fellas, and you know what that means: continuing to grow out your beautiful facial locks going into the holidays. No Shave November has recently developed a new personna with a movement called Movember. While it still gives you that kick start energy to build your beard, you are now doing it for mustaches, and still for a bro-like cause.

We need to talk more about men’s health.

Movember and No Shave November are about dedicating a month out of the year to support men's-related illnesses like prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health. In doing so, dudes across the world are taking part in growing out their moustaches to support the conversation about men’s health through social media, and word-of-mouth.

While some men can grow a full on Friedrich Engels-style beard, others can only achieve a soft stubble… which is fine! As long as you do your best to engulf in the movement and show support through the boys with fluffier faces.

If you are self conscience about your beard, fear not, because we’ve compiled a scale of public interest based on your facial hair that will show you just how your face is perceived. Find your type of beard below to see where you fall on the attract-o-meter, and what your facial hair is really saying about you.

No Shave Movember

The Stubble

So try as you may, your 5 o’clock stubble is staying for good. People see you as the fun-guy, the guy who goes to all the parties, and the guy who doesn’t say no to any good time. You’re a stud with some stubble and you have to own it. Your smooches are course like a cat's tongue, but you are rated the sexiest of all the beards. Jump into Movember with your bristles and show off with a sexy filter on insta showing even the smallest of beards count.

Full Beard

Oh, are you an art major? A football player? A dad? Your full beard is telling of a sophisticated, patient, and long-term guy with the strength to build a family and a future. Both women and men alike find this beard to be the most reliable, and independent of all the types of beards. Get out there and show the world that you’re ready for a long-term relationship, and fully supportive of a full face for men’s health in November. If you want to amp up your beautiful beard for the month, condition it with some beard oil to supplement your honorable look.

The Moustache

The mustache is arguably the hardest to pull off, but can take a baby face and age it 10 years to make you look sophisticated and thoughtful. Most people find this look to be deep and mysterious, and offer someone who wants a passionate romance. For Movember, the main attraction is the many moustaches that surface that were once a full face of hair. Try it out for the boys, and let your deeper side take the wheel!

Cleanly Shaven

Alright so you can’t grow any of the above, which is totally ‘ok’, man. If you’re lacking in the hair department, there are still ways you can amp up to support the Movember movement. Try out some hair loss medication, or just wear a silly fake mustache to really bring the conversation to the table. Either way, you are going to appear younger and healthy for many years to come with a soft appearance. You are a smooth man, and should take advantage of the time you have looking fresh and young while you can.

To wrap up, your beard says a lot about you and how people see you, but growing your facial hair for a movement, no matter what kind you grow, shows you care about the guys and how important health is, which is an all-around awesome trait.

To find out more about Movember, check out this site here.