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    Mo Bro's are proud to stock Kent Handmade Folding Beard & Moustache Combs. Of excellent quality the Kent hand sawn combs are cut from large sheets of cellulose acetate rather than moulded, producing a truly gentle comb whereas moulded combs often snag and damage the hair. This material is tactile, flexible and strong. They glide effortlessly through hair without scratching to damaging the hair or scalp.

    Kent Folding Beard & Moustache combs have rounded teeth which ensure a smooth and comfortable action.

    Instructions Of Use

    • Set your feet apart about 16 inches and bend your upper body so that your head is level with your waist.

    • Begin brushing from the nape of the neck over the top of the head, to the ends of the hair strand

    • Brush 10 times each through 3 different directional planes, through from the nape to the end of the right side, through the middle and the left side.

    Brush 10 times from each ear to the middle of the head, through to the end of the hair.

    • Stand up again and brush 10 times in 3 different planes, left side, middle and right side from the forehead to the middle/top of the head.

    • The final 20 brush strokes will be used to brush from the middle/top of the head, to the end of the hair

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Good Comb

    A perfect comb for putting in my laptop bag at work, Kent are a great brand and you know exactly what you are getting from them. High quality, polished teeth that cause 0 damage to your beard!

    Best comb ive tried

    this is a great product; very well made and a great size. Before having it I didn't realise how much I would actually use it. But since having it, I take it everywhere I go!

    Good little comb

    Good piece of kit to carry with you. Helps keep beard in order whilst on the go.

    Essential kit

    I had never owned a beer comb before and seen this little beauty on here....best comb ever in my opinion! I love the quality and classic style of it and the folding feature is a great idea and allows it to be stored and takes up very little space. I love the fact that it's handmade also which means usually better quality and I have had this for almost a year and so far so good. I'm not surprised on writing this review that this comb is sold out!

    Perfect extra item of cutlery

    If you're a fan of going out to dinner with your other half or even with friends and family. This tool is perfect along side a knife and fork and spoon.
    Easily fits in your pocket with no issues of falling out due to the clip. After every meal out whip this out just to keep your moustache tidy and to comb out any stray breadcrumbs or other small nibbles.
    I honestly CANNOT leave the house without it!

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