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    Four months later.. - 22/2/2016

    The year is already growing quickly - as is our beardies' Yeards! Check out Kieran and Sean's progress so far!


    Keiran and Sean Yeard Jouney 

    New year, new you! - 8/1/2016

    Happy new year everyone! We hope you've all had a brilliant Christmas and a fantastic new year. Have you made any New Years resolutions? Perhaps, trying to grow out a Yeard? If that is the case, these three gentlemen may be something to look up to! So far, our beardies are 3 months into their Yeards - check out their progress below:

     3 months into Yeard

    Christmas time! - 17/12/2015

    With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we'd share a quick update with you on our fellow beardies. Two solid months into growing their beards, and here they are:

    2 months into Yeards

    A New Month - 13/11/2015

    It's Friday the 13th and our our brave beardies have officially completed their first month of growing their Yeard! *Applause*

    A whole month has passed after these brave beardies took the plunge and started their Yeard Journeys with a fresh face. Here's their progress after their first full month:


    First Full Month Beard     (left to right) Sean, Carl, Paul, Kieran.


    If you're in the middle of your own Yeard Journey, make sure to email us on and we will feature you on our website or social media! 

    The Start of a New Journey - 9/10/2015

    As you may already know, we previously held a competition which resulted in six lucky winners have the chance to grow a fresh beard all over again. In return, we will document their beard growth for one year and supply them with all the products their beards may need.

    After a long wait, three of our incredibly brave Mo Bros have taken the plunge and shaved off their previous beards, all for the glory of growing their own Yeards. Well done to Sean, Kieran and Paul! Make sure to watch this space for all of the new Yeard Journey updates!


    Bros Shave off their beard







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