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    Beard Blog — My Beard Journey

    Growing My Confidence: My Beard Journey

    my beard journey
    You hear about people that have different life changing experiences for various reasons, e.g.  having children, travelling or even getting married! But for Andy, something unexpected really did turn his life around  … and that was by growing a beard. Since starting out in 2016, our ambassador Andy has had a confidence boost that has positively impacted his life. 

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    Growing a Beard: My Beard Journey

    Growing a Beard
    We’ve all felt the urge to rip our beards off, I’m guessing almost everyone has but not many have had the b***s to do it. Well, our ambassador and friend Trevor did exactly that … and more, he shaved his hair off too. Some might say he's brave, but the decision for Trevor to take part in a beard and head shave for charity was an easy one. Read on to find out how Trevor started growing a beard, Trevor spills all!

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