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    Beard Blog — Lifestyle Tips

    8 Benefits Of Having A Beard

    Benefits of having a beard blog post
    If you have a beard, there is no doubt that you should be proud of it. It is not only making you look more masculine, but is also healthy! If anyone ever says to you that having a beard is unsanitary or unattractive, you can prove them wrong by telling them these 8 benefits.

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    Growing My Confidence: My Beard Journey

    my beard journey
    You hear about people that have different life changing experiences for various reasons, e.g.  having children, travelling or even getting married! But for Andy, something unexpected really did turn his life around  … and that was by growing a beard. Since starting out in 2016, our ambassador Andy has had a confidence boost that has positively impacted his life. 

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    What Can I Do To Make My Beard Softer?

    beard softer blog post

    Having a beard is fun, you are able to grow one when you want and then shave it off when you don’t. But when it comes to how your beard feels, it can start to become rough and irritating, which can be out of your control! Don’t worry though, you can totally start to control the way your beard feels, we've got you bro. We're here to walk you through a few products, that will get you on your way to a softer beard in no time!

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    How to Grow Facial Hair

    How To Grow Facial Hair Image of a Lego Figure
    Today we’ll be focusing on lifestyle and skincare and how they can influence the hair growth. One simple rule to remember – if you take care of yourself by eating healthy, sleeping well and exercising, not only you will feel healthier and more energetic, your beard will love it too.

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